• What To Expect During Your First Med Spa Visit

    In some ways, visiting a medical spa is like visiting any other spa. The atmosphere is generally serene, and the staff generally does all they can to make you feel comfortable and at ease. However, since the treatments you receive at a med spa are generally a little more intense than those you receive at a day spa, it's nice to have a clearer idea of what to expect. Here's an overview.
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  • The Benefits Of Choosing Keratin-Bonded Extensions

    If you want longer, fuller hair, then extensions are almost certainly the answer. However, there are many different types of extensions to choose from. You can choose clip-in or halo extensions, which you put in at home whenever you want to wear them. Or, you can choose keratin-bonded extensions, which your stylist puts in at the salon. No single type of extensions is ideal for everyone, but keratin-bonded extensions do have some significant benefits for those who choose them.
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