A Medical Spa Offers Quick Treatments That Give You A Refreshed Look

Posted on: 28 June 2022

If you're looking for a quick treatment you can fit in your day that leaves you with a refreshed look, consider having a facial at a medical spa. A variety of treatments await at a med spa that can help you look younger, give you glowing skin, or just help you feel refreshed. You might even combine a facial with fillers or with a neck and hand treatment. Here are some quick procedures you might like to try.

Red Light Facial

Red light therapy has a number of benefits, and it is easy to take. A facial consists of resting under a red light panel or having a device that emits red light moved across your face. Red light is in the infrared spectrum of light, which is opposite to UV rays, so it isn't as damaging to your skin as a tanning bed. Instead, it helps repair your skin.

The light stimulates cell repair so your cells turn over faster. This could reduce some of your fine wrinkles. The light also triggers an increase in the production of collagen. You may notice skin that looks plumper and more hydrated.

A red light facial could give your skin a healthy glow. Results from red light therapy are cumulative, so you may want to have a series of treatments if you want anti-aging effects.

Ultrasound Skin Tightening

Ultrasounds can be used to tighten skin. You might want this treatment on your face, neck, or chest area. The ultrasound waves penetrate your skin to send heat deep into your skin, which causes your skin to create more collagen that has a gradual tightening effect. The treatment can also cause the fibers under your skin to contract in order to give you an immediate lifting effect.

This treatment requires no downtime and the tightening effects continue for a period of weeks. You can have the treatment repeated to diminish wrinkles and keep your skin tight and lifted.

Facial Injections

Injections are popular treatments at medical spas. You can choose from different fillers based on the part of your face you want to have treated. Fillers give you plumper lips, reduced deep wrinkles, diminished expression lines, and plumper cheeks. You can have fillers in your face, hands, and neck.

Fillers gradually wear off, so if you like the look they give you, you'll need regular visits to the medical spa to maintain your youthful appearance.

Another reason to visit a medical spa is to have a skin evaluation so you understand your skin type and its needs. Med spas often carry the very best skin care products and cosmetics, so you can enjoy the benefits of the latest in skin care innovations at home when you do your daily skincare routine.

Visit a local medical spa to learn more.