What To Expect During Your First Med Spa Visit

Posted on: 22 March 2022

In some ways, visiting a medical spa is like visiting any other spa. The atmosphere is generally serene, and the staff generally does all they can to make you feel comfortable and at ease. However, since the treatments you receive at a med spa are generally a little more intense than those you receive at a day spa, it's nice to have a clearer idea of what to expect. Here's an overview.

Medical History

Since many of the treatments you receive at a med spa are minimally invasive and have the possibility of affecting your health in some way, the practitioners will want to collect a medical history before they treat you. Generally, you'll be given a basic form to fill out. Be honest and thorough when describing any medical diagnoses and treatments you've had in the past. List any medications you are taking, including any herbs or supplements. While unlikely, it is possible some diagnosis or medication could preclude you from being a candidate for certain procedures.


You may arrive at the medical spa with a general idea of what treatment you want. For example, you might know you want dermal filler injections. However, you'll typically still need to have a consultation before treatment is administered. This will ensure you're given the treatment that's best suited to your needs. You may discover that there is a treatment that's actually a better option than the one you were originally seeking. Or, if you don't know what treatment options are available for an issue you've been dealing with, the practitioner can help you explore your options and pick a treatment during this consultation.


The treatments at a medical spa are typically administered by a nurse or a dermatologist, rather than by a cosmetologist. If you get a less-invasive treatment like a chemical peel, it may be administered by an esthetician. Even then, however, a trained medical professional will usually look over your records and make sure the treatment is safe for you before it is administered. And if you have any questions about your treatment, the results, or the follow-up care, you can speak with a nurse or doctor as needed.

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect, you can start preparing for a good visit to the medical spa. This is the perfect way to help ease some of the cosmetic problems that bother you.

For more information, contact your local medical spa