The Benefits Of Choosing Keratin-Bonded Extensions

Posted on: 31 January 2022

If you want longer, fuller hair, then extensions are almost certainly the answer. However, there are many different types of extensions to choose from. You can choose clip-in or halo extensions, which you put in at home whenever you want to wear them. Or, you can choose keratin-bonded extensions, which your stylist puts in at the salon. No single type of extensions is ideal for everyone, but keratin-bonded extensions do have some significant benefits for those who choose them.

They look more natural.

When you use clip-in or halo extensions, you have to be sure to hide the extensions under the top layer of your hair. This is not always easy. Sometimes, you may find that your extension clips are more visible than you'd like. Keratin-bonded extensions are a lot less obvious and look a lot more natural. A few extension hairs are bonded to a few of your natural hairs near the root. The bond is really tiny and easily hidden. Plus, your stylist will place the extensions carefully, ensuring they are put in places where others won't notice them.

Your hair moves more naturally.

With clip-in extensions, you'll often feel like your extensions weigh down your hair or stay in place while the rest of your hair moves. Keratin-bonded extensions, on the other hand, tend to move and sway along with your natural hair. This leads to a more natural feeling. After a day or two, you'll barely notice the extensions are there.

You save time in the morning.

Who wants to get up extra early just to put extensions in their hair? Since keratin-bonded extensions are applied at the salon and left in-place for weeks or months at a time, they don't require much daily attention. You basically just style your hair as usual, albeit with the extensions in place. You save time every morning, and every time you style your hair.

You can wash the extensions with your hair.

If you've ever had clip-in or halo extensions, you know that washing them can be tough, since you have to wash them separately from your real hair. With keratin-bonded extensions, you just wash your hair as usual, and the extensions get washed along with it.

If you're looking for a simple, low-maintenance extension option, then keratin-bonded extensions are likely a good choice for you. Reach out to a hair stylist near you to learn more about hair extensions.