Post Colon Hydrotherapy: What To Expect

Posted on: 16 March 2023

If you have made the decision to have colon hydrotherapy performed, you are probably well aware of the advantages it affords. However, you may be less informed about what to expect after the treatment. While the risks are minimal, and it is important to understand that each person's experience can be different, there are some general things you should expect. Here are some simple tips to help you plan for your aftercare. 


The goal of colon hydrotherapy is to remove many of the toxins and waste materials that clog the bowels. Often, much of this buildup is removed while you are resting on the table while the process is performed. However, for some people, elimination will continue even once the process is over. 

The colon has a coil-like design, which means that some pockets of waste can easily settle and rest in the colon. As a result, it is not uncommon for some people to experience watery elimination in the hours after their treatment as they move around, and the pockets of waste move through the colon. 


Post hydrotherapy, work hard to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Excessively greasy or fatty foods should be avoided. Foods in these categories are naturally harder to digest. However, given the current state of your colon, they can also increase the risk of uncomfortable bloating and gas. 

Low-fat meats and fresh or raw vegetables might be a better option. It is also worth noting that returning to the same unhealthy eating habits as those you might have engaged in before the hydrotherapy will eventually reverse any benefit gained from the treatment. Look at the treatment as a kickoff to eating better. 


It is important to note that some level of water loss is expected with colon hydrotherapy, so it is vital to maintain balance in your aftercare. The best way to go about this is to ensure you drink plenty of water so that you can replace any water that might have been lost during the elimination process. 

Drinking plenty of water will also help further the toxin-elimination process after the treatment is complete. It is also important to avoid activities that promote dehydration, such as alcohol consumption.

If you have additional concerns about what to expect after colon hydrotherapy, be sure to speak with the person administering the service to ensure all your concerns are addressed, and you are prepared. For more information on colon hydrotherapy, contact a professional near you.