Want Your Extensions To Last Long? Here Are 3 Tips To Consider

Posted on: 28 April 2021

If you have decided to install extensions, you likely know that they offer many benefits. Perhaps you want to get the freedom to change styles instantly, hide split ends, add color, give your hair additional volume, or try various hairstyles. The market today offers a wide range of hair extensions so finding something you like isn't difficult. Regardless of the type of extensions you install, it's vital to maintain them properly. Here are key things you should do to increase the life of the extensions.

Consider Washing Them Correctly

The first thing you should do if you want your new extensions to last long is to clean them properly. Generally, they should be treated like your own hair, but some few adjustments must be made when washing them. First, you are required to use the right products to keep them in top shape and promote the healthy growth of your hair. Avoid shampoos and conditioners containing alcohol or sulfates as they remove oils from the hair and cause it to get tangled. Then, wash them in a shower so water can flow freely and avoid unnecessary tangling. Warm water is recommended as it removes the excess dirt on the scalp and locks without removing the oils.

Consider Brushing the Hair Everyday

Just like natural hair, the extensions can get tangled if you don't maintain them properly. For instance, you may want to put them in a French braid before sleeping so that they will not have knots when you awake. Combing the hair daily with a detangling brush will remove knots and mats. It's advisable to do this after washing and conditioning or using. Be gentle while brushing so the strands don't fall out. Start with ends to avoid straining the scalp, locks, or extensions.

Consider Reducing Heat Damage

Your extensions can get damaged when they are exposed to excessive heat. After all, they're made using human hair, so the ends can split or become brittle due to heat. Once they are damaged, no treatments will fix them. So, apply a heat protectant before you use a heated hair tool to style the hair. Note that some products require wet hair while others are applied before styling. Also, use low temperatures while styling to avoid burning them, and don't curl or straighten the hair each day.

Maintaining hair extensions isn't difficult if you know what's expected of you. Remember to also follow other tips your hair professional offers after installing the extensions.