Day Spa Services and Benefits

Posted on: 19 January 2017

A salon is a business offering services in relaxation, beauty, and cosmetics. There are many types of salons focusing on just one or two types of treatment, such as a nail salon or a hair salon. Spas or day spas are a type of salon that offer multiple services. The idea is that you can spend the better part of the day there undergoing treatments. Here is an explanation of four categories of services offered at a day spa or salon. A day spa may include some or all of these treatments. 


A facial is a relaxing treatment for the skin on your face. It involves cleaning the face, examining the skin, removal of dead skin cells with an exfoliant, facial massage, and application of a facial mask. You can sit with the mask on for a while before having it cleaned off. 

 Body Treatments 

Some body treatments offered at salons include receiving one or several types of massage, sitting in a sauna or steam room, getting a mud bath or herbal body mask, relaxing with heated rocks, and soaking in a hot tub.

Nail Services

Nail services include manicures and pedicures. Manicures are treatments of the nails of the hands. Clipping and painting of the nails, softening the skin around and under the nails, and removing cuticles are all parts of a manicure. Pedicures deal with the nails of the toes and work much the same as manicures. In addition, you receive a soothing foot bath and sometimes a foot massage. 

Hair services 

Hair services are sometimes included in a day spa and sometimes operate as separate hair salons. Hair services include haircuts, styling, coloring, modifying hair texture, using deep conditioning treatments, and adding hair extensions. According to a web source, expensive hair salons will "pamper" customers with other services such as herbal tea. 

Benefits of a Day Spa 

People who go to spas cite many unofficial health benefits of a day spas or salon. These benefits include use of products that "detoxify" the skin and body, mental improvement due to relaxation, and ease of muscle pain due and tension due to treatments such as hot tubs and massages. Visits to spas are also said to improve self-image because of beauty treatments on your skin. One source claims that some spa treatments help the healthy circulation of blood and even manage blood pressure issues.  

There have also been a few official studies like the two noted in a WebMD article. One study looked at employees in the Japanese government, finding that those who went to spas more often had "better physical and mental health, including better quality sleep and fewer sick days." Another study, looking at Germans, found that spa therapy decreased the number of absences from work and the number of hospitalizations. As you can see, a day spa or salon can come with excellent benefits.