3 Things You Should Tell Your Hairdresser Before They Start Cutting Your Hair

Posted on: 28 June 2016

Getting a haircut can be a thrilling experience where you get to try something new, or a nightmare where you have to figure out how to style a haircut you just don't like. To get the most out of your experience, you need to communicate with your hairdresser so you get the exact cut that works for you and your lifestyle. Here are 3 things you should tell your hairdresser before they break out the scissors.

How you like to style your hair

Do you like to leave your hair wet so it dries and styles on its own, or are you an avid straightening iron or blow dryer user? You should share your regular hair styling routine with your hairdresser so they know just how much freedom they have when cutting your hair. A haircut with a lot of feathered ends, for example, may not fare well with being naturally dried, while a straight-cut bob may not provide enough playful volume if you love to use hair styling tools. Your haircut styling ideas merged with your regular beauty routine should be able to tell your stylist just what methods they should use to give you a beautiful new look.

How long your hair is when wet

If you are getting bangs or cutting your hair to an exact length (such as to your shoulders or right at your chin), your hairdresser needs to know how long your hair is when it is wet versus dry to get an accurate cut. This is especially true if you have curly or wavy hair, which can give the impression of greater length as it weighs down from moisture. If your hair is much shorter dry than wet, let your hairdresser know. They can opt to cut your hair dry so you get an accurate length in the end.

If you have any must-haves

If you absolutely must be able to pull your hair into a ponytail or you always part it to a certain side to cover a scar or keep a cowlick from bugging you, your stylist needs to know in advance. Special needs with hair should always be addressed so the resulting style doesn't prevent you from continuing the routines you always perform with your hair. If you say nothing, your hairdresser may accidentally give you a beautiful haircut that you ultimately don't like because you can't do the same things with it that you could before.

If you want a great haircut, you have to communicate with your stylist. Let them know how you style your hair normally, how long your hair is when wet, and any cosmetic concerns you have with your hair before you let them begin cutting.

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