Set And Stay: How To Make Curls Last

Posted on: 23 May 2016

One of the most frustrating problems for women with long, straight hair can be getting your hair to hold a curl. Unfortunately, making your curls last has more to with what you do BEFORE and WHILE you're curling your hair versus after (i.e., mousse, hair spray, etc.). Here are three things that you can do before and while you are curling your hair that will help the curls last longer.

1. A Wee Wash

Using shampoo and conditioner is fine for preparing to curl your hair. However, it is important to make sure that you don't use excessive amounts. To help you measure, instead of gobs or a handful, cover the tip of your forefinger with the product and let the lather do the rest. If your hair is too heavy, even after it has been dried, the weight of the hair itself will slowly help the curl unfurl. This will leave you with straight hair again much sooner than you'd probably like.

2. Turn It Up Now, Curl It Up Later

A volume-boosting product is your best friend when it comes to getting long-lasting curls. You'll want to use one to prepare your hair for curling. Again, don't drown your hair in product so that it gets weighed down. A little dab'll do ya!

3. Size Matters

The brand, quality, price, and  materials used to make your curling iron are all important. However, the size of the iron that you are using is most critical when it comes to making curls last longer. The larger the iron, the less time you'll get out of the curls. There are two reasons for this.

First, larger curls are made up of larger clumps of hair. The more hair involved, the more likely the curl is to succumb to the strength of gravity.

Second, larger curls are looser curls. Imagine untying a knot in something as wide and large as a shoelace or scarf. It would take literally a few seconds to do. Now imagine getting a knot out of a thin necklace or thread. These thinner strands hold knots (and curls) better because they are easier to manipulate and tighten. If you only have access to a larger (greater than 1 inch) curling iron, try to use smaller strands of hair on it to make smaller curls.

Keeping these three tips in mind before you start curling can help you make sure that the luxurious, beautiful curls that you eventually do shape your hair into last for days instead of hours. To learn more, contact a beauty academy like New York Beauty & Barber Academy