5 Different Types Of Massage To Choose From

Posted on: 13 April 2016

So you are excited for your day out to the spa, and you know that you will want a massage, but you aren't quite sure what types of massages there are or what they entail. There are a large number of different massages, and you should know five common types so you know what type of massage is best for you. 

Water Shiatsu 

Also known as wastu, water shiatsu is done while you float in warm water. As you are floating, your body is gently stretched, as well as given acupuncture at different points in your body. Getting the massage done while floating in water allows the massage practitioner to be able to better move and manipulate your body. 


A Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massages that there is, and if you have had a massage before, then it is likely that it was a Swedish massage. The main goal of a Swedish massage is to get blood moving to your muscles and throughout your body, as well as relieve any muscle tension that might be present. Swedish massages are great if you are looking for just general stress relief and relaxation and don't have any specific problem areas that need to be worked on. 

Foot Reflexology 

Foot reflexology operates under the assumption that different areas of the feet happen to be reflexes for other parts of the body. These reflexive areas are rubbed, and this type of massage can be considered a very relaxing foot rub. 

Hot Stone 

Hot stone massage incorporates hot stones in two ways. First, warmed basalt rocks are placed over your body. Then, the massage therapist uses oil and warmed basalt rocks to gently massage you. Generally, the massage therapist will use a Swedish type of massage, only with rocks incorporated. The heat from the rocks is an extra way to release muscle tension. 


An aromatherapy massage typically couples the standard Swedish massages with the use of aromatherapy during the process. Your massage practitioner will have you smell a few different essential oils, ask what you are looking to get out of the massage, and then, depending on your preferences, choose one or two of these oils to incorporate into your massage. Aromatherapy massages are a great stress reliever, especially if you choose a soothing, calming essential oil like lavender. 

Each type of massage has its benefits. Give each one a try sometime for the full massage experience.